The Story so far....

Frenchman aka Simon Daniels is an acclaimed British award winning composer based in London, UK.  
With degrees in music, art and several published works, he received the American Gold Star Award for Original Scores.  
Simon's sincere & emotional music has been used for numerous successful 
film & stage projects, composing scores for several award winning productions to date. 

It was duing his period as guitarist with the French rock band ‘SIC’ that Simon recorded and performed songs for several artists and stage musical projects including the London West End run of ‘Time’, a collaboration with many world known artists. 

In 2012 he was approached by New Zealand award winning director Christine Parker to compose the soundtrack for the feature film 'Cold Mile House'.  
This happy collaboration was followed by a second commission to compose her 2016 film 'The Carer'. A sensitive film dealing with an ageing homosexuality, it has already picked up a handful of awards following its successful festival run.  

In 2013, French film director and screenwriter Stefana Brancastle, approached Simon to score  for the upcoming period French movie, 'The Mechanism of Suspended Time'. A highly original film concept of love and lost time, this complex production completed late 2016 and is at present slated to tour national & international film festivals..  
Recently Simon was proud to deliver original music for Melanie Eclare's award winning photographic film 'After the fire', which won the grand jury prize and premiered in Switzerland. 

Currently, Simon is working on several film and commercial productions, including penning songs for the French artist ' Emily' and scoring the Albion Tales film trilogy by Nic Alderton, to be released in 2019.